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About CastelloAzure

We are an event concierge service who delivers unique, memorable and bespoke events. We provide a tailored holistic service from the brief to the successful delivery of your event. What matters to us is creating a genuinely unforgettable experience, not only for you, the client but also for your delegates. We intend to create a sense of the WOW factor at every touchpoint your delegates will encounter. Our core competency is our ability to deliver events which evolve current perceptions and embrace new beginnings.


The Brand Story

Here is a little background information on the name ‘CastelloAzure’.

This story is close to my heart and to be able to incorporate this into the name of my company meant the world to me.
I have a little boy named Brody Castello Lee. His middle name was inspired by the name of a mountain in Canton Ticino, Switzerland. We decided to name him after a mountain as from the summit of a mountain, your view of the world is both altered and enhanced, so that you see things from a different perspective and I believe that the essence of the name, Castello, translates into the vision of my company. Your event WILL be seen from a new perspective that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you.
With this, my ambition is that after each event I, along with my family, will plant a tree on the surface of the mountain and then climb to the peak to evolve and enhance the perception of my children, and others who are inspired to reach the summit. The view will continually change each time we (and others) visit the mountain as there will be trees growing and new trees planted each year so that it will be an ever-changing scene.

Similarly, his eyes are truly mesmerising (I have no doubt every proud mother thinks the same way about their child). I spent some time trying to find a word to describe the colour of his eyes, and I discovered that the colour is called ‘Azure’. It is the first thing you notice when you meet him. So by using the two words – CastelloAzure was born.

Another incredible journey was to create the logo. Hopefully, you will have noticed that the logo is a Chameleon and it incorporates the initials of ‘CastelloAzure”. Can you see it?
The logo is symbolic to CastelloAzure; we change and adapt to surroundings, we have the strength to adjust to each tailored event, we fit with ease and without resistance to create and deliver a personalised event experience, and we express ourselves creatively and with flair through our ability to change.

Embrace change in an ever-changing world.


“As a professional athlete and speaker, I have had the privilege to work alongside Katie at a number of events, from community engagement to large corporate conferences. She brings magic ingredients of incredible energy, professionalism, organisation and flair to her work. It is fun and a pleasure to work with her, and it always feels like things are in safe hands.”

Karen Darke MBE

“Katie went beyond expectations in delivering our event, helping with many aspects that arose to enable smooth running. We look forward to establishing further high quality events together”

Bronek Boszcyk, Spinal Surgeon and NSpine Director and Course Chariman

“I would just like to say a big thank-you to Katie Carter for organising a fantastic day and evening for my MBE celebrations. It has been fabulous, and we couldn’t have done it without her. Katie thought of everything and more – from a life-size cut-out of Mohammad Ali to the cake. Katie you are a star, thanks again.”

Glyn Rhodes MBE, Sheffield Boxing Centre